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Ale and Arms is not actively recruiting at this time. However, if you think that this could be the guild home you've been searching for, and you agree with our guild policies, send Bayho or Zoloph an in-game message. We'd be happy to discuss the matter with you.
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<Ale and Arms> strives to provide a friendly, easygoing atmosphere within World of Warcraft® helping fellow guild mates and friends from the casual player to the hardcore raider enjoy all of the experiences offered within the game.

Members of <Ale and Arms> must agree to uphold and demonstrate the principles and atmosphere detailed below.

The Golden Rule

  • Treat others as you’d want to be treated.
  • If you can’t abide by this principle, you aren’t welcome.
    •     This applies to interactions within as well as without the guild.

No Drama

  • If you have a problem, discuss it with an Officer or Guild Leader.
  • Public degradation of any person (or persons) will result in a swift demotion to a rank without any guild privileges until communication can continue with proper civility.


  • We raid for two reasons: Fun and Progression
  • If we’re raiding for fun, any and all are welcome.
  • If we’re raiding to progress, performance and skill are required and only a select few will be permitted into the raid.
    • If you don’t like those selected for progression raids, talk to the raid leader.
      • Remember the first two guild rules.

Have Fun

  • It’s not the Guild Leaders' nor the Raid Leaders' job to entertain you.
    • Their jobs are to ensure organization and cooperation within the guild.
    • It’s up to every member to be involved with the guild and take advantage of the opportunities to interact with one another.
    • Helping one another and growing together as a guild will only increase our options and opportunities available in the game.

Open Door Policy

  • Understand that it is quite impossible to please everyone at all times, but we do strive to be fair and just—there is a difference in the two.
  • The Guild Leaders and Officers are always open to questions, comments, and suggestions—as long as they are submitted in a calm and respectful manner.
    • Remember the first two guild rules.
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